Answers To A Child’s Questions About Death

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Few things are more difficult than talking to a child about death. Often times we do not know the right words to say or we may worry that what we say the young child may not understand. I think adults sometimes worry about what to say to children and thus say nothing at all and try to shield them from talking about the death of someone in their life. There is no doubt that this is a tough topic.


At Malcore Funeral Home, we do have resources available to members of our community. One excellent booklet we recommend is entitled “Answers To A Child’s Questions About Death.” Created with children in mind, this booklet provides an honest, useful way to deal with a painful subject at a time when such help is needed.


It is good to guide youngsters gently and honestly into an early understanding of death. To simply avoid answering questions children ask is often a harmful mistake.


Let us guide you in having these conversations with young children. Feel free to come to either one of our two locations to pick up your complimentary booklet.




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