Beyond the funeral: How to carry a loved one’s memory forward.

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Just as painful as the death of someone you love is the stinging reality that life continues to forge ahead without them.

Leaving your grief bubble to return to work, meet with friends, or go to the grocery store can feel like stepping foot on another planet. Thankfully, there are ways to ease the person-shaped hole in your world.

Bust out the solid-gold stories.
Sharing the golden oldie of your grandma cussing out the sheriff or your father spilling an entire gallon of paint on the new carpet lightens the sadness while keeping your loved one’s legacy alive. 

Create a ‘best hits’ box.
Gather up favorite photos, cologne, music, jewelry, shirts, and games to pull out and hold throughout the year. This is especially helpful for kids to process the death of a close loved one. 

Read grief books from this century.
SO MUCH progress has been made in the way of honest, grief-positive literature. Tyler Feder wrote and illustrated the graphic memoir Dancing at the Pity Party when she realized “there was nowhere to put down the heavy weight she carried invisibly” after her mother’s premature death.

Celebrate the deathiversary.
Start a get-together tradition on the day of your loved one’s parting. Organize a breakfast club and order their favorite skillet. Plan a happy hour and play their signature music. Or simply visit the place you feel closest to their memory.

Frame something they’ve written.
Did you get the wind knocked out of you when you found an old receipt in last winter’s coat with your beloved’s handwriting on it? Memorialize it! Frame old notes, shopping lists, love letters and 3D items like playing cards through websites like

Participate in activities they adored.
An honorary ice fishing gathering, charity event, museum visit, or camping excursion can make you feel lifetimes closer to your loved one.

Complete unfinished business.
Did tragedy strike before an important project was complete? Taking time to organize a sacred workshop, paint a half-finished room, or take that long-awaited vacation could be the cathartic nudge you need.

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