Birthdays……Yay or Nay

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Birthdays….Yay or Nay?  My birthday has always been a Nay.  Why you ask?  Well of course the number that is attached to it never seems to thrill me.  Remember being in high school and thinking that your parents, teachers, administration, or friends parents seemed really old at the age of 40.  It blows me away that I am now considered one of the “old” parents.  Maybe I wouldn’t have such a hard time with my birthday if back in high school I would have set my “old age” considerably higher.  Recently I had the good fortune to celebrate another birthday…..yippee:(!  My friends and family know that I no longer celebrate my birthday but celebrate “friendship day” instead.  Since I have only had 4 Friendship day celebrations technically I am only 4….right?

I was awakened on my friendship day by my wonderful husband placing a gentle kiss on my cheek and softly speaking the words “Happy Birthday Hon”.  My reply was “Thanks for the reminder”.  He then said “Get over it.  It is better than the alternative!”.  Which got me thinking and unfortunately having to quietly in my head agree with him.  As my day went on I had the pleasure of meeting with a number of inspiring individuals as Director of Family Services for Malcore Funeral Homes and Crematory.  All of which had a birthday within that week or on the exact same day.  It was kind of freaky actually!  I explained to one such young lady that it was my birthday, but that I really don’t like my birthday and that I now celebrate Friendship day.  Her birthday had been two days prior and she said to me that I really should let the number thing go.  Her reasoning certainly hit home.  You see, she is handicapped.  During her younger years she was never allowed to celebrate her birthday because her family didn’t accept her.  Now she not only celebrates her birthday but she can’t wait to have another.  She milks her special day for all that she can.  She said that her birthday reminds her of where she came from, what struggles she went through to get where she is today, and what the future holds for her.

I am not to the point of updating my facebook information with my birthday, but lets just say I am on my way.  Every day I’m thankful to have the kind of job that I do.  Yes, it is hard to talk about death and dying every day.  Yes, it is hard to not let it affect the way I lead my life.  However, I will tell you that I have learned a great deal about life since becoming apart of this wonderful, family oriented business.  People, like my inspiring new friend mentioned above, come into our lives for a reason.  Maybe it’s to teach us something, enlighten us, or to quench our thirst.  Whatever the reason may be, I am grateful to each and every one of them.  So I have decided that birthdays need to be celebrated proving that I am thankful to have had another year to celebrate my relationships.  “Friendship Day” should be EVERYDAY!

To all you Leo’s out there….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Until next time……leave memories not burdens!



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