Buying Local….What does it mean to you?

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It’s Wednesday….Broadway Farmers Market anyone?  When I think of “buying local” the farmers market is probably the first thing that pops into my mind.  How about you?  All the tasty fresh produce grown in local farmers fields.  Not to mention the very stylish and one-of-a-kind pieces of art, clothing, and accessories.  Oh yeah, the vendors that I try to run from but just can’t seem to get my legs to move until a purchase has been made.  You know which ones I am talking about…..DESSERTS!!!!!!  You get to enjoy all of those wonderful things while listening or watching local artist showcase their talents.  It’s no wonder it has more than doubled in size since it first started years ago.

Is this what “Buying Local” is all about?…..Certainly not!  There are many locally-owned business that have been in our community for decades (Kroll’s Restaurants, Willow Street Bakery) or some that are close to celebrating a century (Green Bay Packers, Malcore Funeral Home). When you patronize these businesses do you think of it as “buying local”?……you should!  Do you think of it as “buying local FAMILY owned”?….you should!

What does this all mean to you?  What does it all mean to me?  It means that when you do business with a local company you are giving back to the members of your community.  You are saying “I am glad you are a part of my community and I thank you for being in business”.  Does it mean that I buy EVERYTHING local?…No!   However, when I can I do like to support businesses that have shown through the years that customers mean everything to them.  I know that they are supplying good quality items at a fair price with service that reflects their appreciation for my business.  At Malcore we have a number of pictures displayed of the city from yester-years.  So often I over hear family members talking about how they remember this and that.  I also hear how they wish some of those businesses were still around. So as I look outside at this beautiful Wednesday afternoon I encourage you all to head to the Broadway farmers market.  Show your support for our community and the local businesses.  Teach your children the importance for doing so.  Have a beer, a cupcake, buy a button ring, and enjoy life.  Do it for me….I’ll be watching my children play softball!

Until next time……Leave memories, not burden!

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