The secret magic of inviting children to funerals.

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Many parents feel conflicted in having their children present at a viewing or burial.

Are they old enough? 

Will it upset them too much? 

What if they say something inappropriate?

These are common concerns that, interestingly, few other societies in the world ponder.

While we wonder if a 5-year-old can grasp Grandpa’s departure, a Muslim girl is helping to dress her auntie in traditional burial shroud, a Hispanic boy is leaning into a casket to give his uncle a kiss, and a Hmong child is playing the ceremonial qheng at the family service.

These cultures prove that life doesn’t have to be separate from death. In fact, children often “break the ice” at funerals, telling a funny or heartwarming story that encourages reflection on a loved one’s life.

Recently, the owner of Malcore Funeral Home, Matt Malcore, had a touching exchange with a few young grandchildren:

“Thank you for taking care of our grandpa,” they said.

By exposing our children to death, we show them that loss is a normal part of life. And that public expressions of love, fear, and sadness are healthy and encouraged.

Like the child who puts money into a prayer offering and says aloud, “Keep the change ya filthy animal,” kids make our sacred rituals all the more joy-filled.

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