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WELCOME to Malcore Funeral Homes “Bridget’s Blog it all” first blog.  Thank you for your interest in what I have to say.  I am very excited to be making my presence known in the blogging community.  If you have met me in person you know that I like to talk and have a personality that is larger than life.  However, blogging is a whole new game for me.  How will I do?  Will my blog be an epic fail?  Who knows, but at least I may get you thinking about some things other than the Packers, Brewers, gas prices, and local/state politics.

Future topics are swirling through my head.  You never know when a personal experience or when one of our families will inspire a blog topic so I carry a notebook with me wherever I go.  For right now my list includes topics like:  Death Café’s – the increasing public trend for getting together to talk about all aspects of death; Flower arrangements – the different types, what local cemeteries allow, proper flower etiquette; Crematory vs Cremation Services – what is the difference and what does it mean; Estate Tax implications and funeral costs – can final expenses be a tax write off; Direct Cremation – what is it and what you should expect; and Cremation – what’s involved, is it more cost effective, is it on the rise, laws associated with final resting places of Cremains, and how does cremation affect the grieving process.  Let me know if you would like me to blog about a certain topic.  I ALWAYS have something to say.

Situations and scenarios will be integrated into the blogs, because I feel that is the most effective way to associate with the topics.   For myself, I could be reading or listening to someone talk about something that I may be slightly interested in.  However, if I am told a story that I can relate to, the details will hit home causing me to really think about the topic.

Stay tuned for my first “real” blog about “There is buying local and then there is BUYING LOCAL.  What does it mean to you?”

Thank you for visiting and remember to ……“Leave memories not burden”!

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